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Cookie Bakers Needed
Looking for cookies for the Lighting of the Library event on Saturday, November 26th. Please make 2 dozen cookies and drop them off at the library after 1:00pm on Friday, November 25th. Email Susan Weerasinghe at swnw3902@gmail.com if you would like to sign up.

Susan Weerasinghe 766-3902

Help by purchasing or selling delicious chocolate bars as a Fundraiser for the Haines Senior Village to help pay down their mortgage debt.
Candy available: Haines Holiday Bar--dark chocolate w/almonds
(only available over holidays)
Longevity Bar--dark chocolate
Big Bang Bar--espresso dark chocolate
Senior Moment--milk chocolate
Wrinkle Ranch--toffee milk chocolate

Cost: $4.00 each
Contact Valery McCandless at (907) 305-0875 or 766-3199 (message)

Need to either be, or care about seniors! Equal Opportunity Fundraising!
Time Commitment
Anything you can offer
Valery McCandless (907) 305-0875 or 766-3199 (message)