SOLD! ecoSMART Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater

ecoSMART Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater, Model ECO POU 3.5
The smallest model they make.
Designed for single hand-washing sink.
Barely used before deciding to replace; needed bigger model, faster flow.
The unit is sold (H.D. $141) w/o the required 240V plug ($25) and socket ($20) which are included here.
Retail price for all, w. no tax/shipping: $141+$25+$20 = $186.00
Asking half price: $93.00
This number for person who used the heater-767-5669
This number for person w. unit in town-766-2573

766-2573 town 767-5669 out road
Time remaining: 64%
27/01/2021 (1 week)