FRESH Bread and Bagels

I'm back to my regular schedule of baking on Sundays! Put in your order now to have fresh organic bread or bagels for Sunday, April 23rd.

Organic Breads:
White or Whole Wheat Sourdough: $8
(Miche) Rye Sourdough: $8
Multi-grain/3-seed: $10
Dark Pumpernickel Rye: $10

Bagels: Plain, Onion, Sesame, Poppy Seed, Everything, Cinnamon-raisin: $2 each Cheddar, Jalapeno-cheddar, Cranberry-orange $2.50 each

Contact me for pickup and delivery options

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Josie - 766-3739, new email: or visit FB page Josie's Bread and Bagels
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04/05/2017 (1 week)