Talia’s Treasures Consignment shop is now open again and accepting items. Business hours are Wed-Sat 11am-3pm; however drop offs end at 2pm sharp.  Please keep in mind you have three weeks to bring in your box, so not everyone has to bring items in on day one =)

Rules:  You are allowed ONE box per month. The items must fit into my tote.  If the box is too big or too heavy for you to carry (unless you are elderly or disabled), please put items into a smaller box.  You are also allowed ONE large item with your box.  Clothes are also being accepted (Men and kids) but limited to a paper bag and this replaces your box.  ALL items must be CLEAN before brought in.  Clothes/ lines/ fabrics must be freshly washed and all other items must be free of dirt, dust, and cigarette residue. Keep it seasonal to the weather and current holidays.  Please know that I will be more strict on taking items so if I say “no” to any of your items it is due to condition or because items like that have not sold in the past.  There are certain items I am not taking, so when you come by the store please review that list or check out my Facebook page where all if this and more info is posted.

Thank you and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me in person or email me.  Also, Happy Treasure Hunting!  =)