Price: $25.00

Contact: 907-766-2573

Offering this nice, heavy phone at same price paid at Talia’s, however this sale-time includes experience and info on its workability. See the plug in the photo, it plugs in and you get a dial tone. You can answer the phone and talk but you can’t dial out, no technology for that in this phone. The bell has a great, real, metallic ring to it, I’ve heard it a few times. A very handy guy got it ringing and feels quite certain it just needs a bit more tweaking to ring regularly. I’m selling it because I have one spot where I wanted it for long conversations AND I can’t hear well on it. This could be just me and not a problem with the phone. I have 5 plug-in phones and if my house were totally wired, I would find a spot for it; as it is, I want to sell it. While you’re here, I could plug it in, you can call me on your cell phone and you will hear how the phone is trying to ring. If you want to open it up to see what’s there, it can be opened here in my presence. Then if you want to buy it, take it home to test it and be able to get your money back if you don’t like it, I could probably work with that with a 3-day turn around. I’m wanting to be open and flexible with this and I’m also being careful, these don’t show up everyday in Haines and not everyone has the skills and curiosity to get this right.