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I have this fun and charming Nenana Ice Classic poster that I’ve traditionally hung in the wealth corner of my house along with this red plastic wheel with “gold” coins hanging down.  I’d hang it up at this time of year when I would buy tickets, make guesses and encourage the Universe to make me a winner.  Though I myself have never won, I now have too many years away from fabulous Fairbanks and I don’t have the energy or will to keep this tradition going. (In Fbx, I did know people who won.) So, I’m looking for a buyer who loves the idea and who will pay something and carry this on. I could bring the poster to Talia’s and eat the chocolate coins but let’s see if there’s some Hainesian who can relate…  Looking at the website, I see that they don’t even have posters for sale, let alone this funky vintage poster with dollar bills flying around. Remember when poster paper and cash were valued?  Speaking of which, cash or check only please. Thanks for looking!  Make an offer!