Haines Classifieds: Locally Grown Foods for Sale

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Our local farm produce fridge at Haines packing Company's store on Main Street will be stocked through this Friday, September 30th!

Get your extra carrots and potatoes now to last you through the fall or winter--they keep well in a refrigerator or root cellar for months.

We will have our own root cellar-sweetened carrots available in May, as well as seed potatoes for sale then too!

Have a great winter and see you in the springtime.

Haines Packing is open 11-5 Tuesday - Saturday

Post date: Thu, 09/29/2022 - 09:21
Expiration: 1 week 2 days

This week at the final Haines Farmers Market of the season we will have:

German Butterball Potatoes in 10# bags
Keuka Gold Potatoes in 10# bags
Yukon Gold Potatoes by the pound
Grade A storage carrots in 10# bags
Carrots in 2.5# bags
Leeks by the pound
Kale bunches
Chard bunches

Sorry we don't have any more fresh salad greens--we will try to extend the season for those next year!

Our fridge at Haines Packing will be stocked through September 30th with carrots, potatoes, kale, chard and leeks.

Post date: Thu, 09/22/2022 - 17:23
Expiration: 2 days 21 hours