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Queen Bed for sale. Mattress, box spring and frame. Good condition. Frame is new. See at #4 Fort Seward Drive. 766-2708.

Annette Smith
Post date: Fri, 02/16/2018 - 12:59
Expiration: 5 days 4 hours

Now that I've taken care of the major furniture items for my new place, I need some of the smaller things: lamps (floor or table), end tables, bedside tables. Give Karen Garcia (me) a call at 847-373-9474 or shoot me a message on Facebook with what you have and how much you would like for it. Thanks!

Post date: Fri, 02/16/2018 - 12:22
Expiration: 5 days 4 hours

I need to populate my new place with some furniture and am looking for a couch, a recliner (or big comfy chair), and a bookshelf. If you have any of these items available, please give me a call at 847-373-9474 or reach out to Karen Garcia (me) on Facebook. Thanks!

Post date: Tue, 02/13/2018 - 15:13
Expiration: 2 days 6 hours